About Amazing Photojournalism

Welcome to our website! Amazing Photojournalism was created by Deborah Ross, a master’s degree candidate at Northern Arizona University, for her class in Technology and Visual Literacy, English 519, with Dr. Sibylle Gruber.

Ross, a former high school teacher and journalist, has an abiding love for historic news photos and is sharing and discussing ten iconic photos on this site. Of course, there are many more memorable, exciting, thought-provoking, beautiful and gripping images produced by photojournalists around the world that merit attention. But this site will start with ten photos, then build its library of images, accompanied by commentary, as Ross’s students begin to interact with it. The written text and headlines are meant to be attractive and accessible to high school students as well as college freshmen considering a career in photojournalism.

All of the images used on this website were accessed from Getty Images, which maintains an area of historic news photos that are royalty-free and available to the public for non-commercial uses. Browse Getty’s library of amazing photojournalism at www.gettyimages.com

Please share your own thoughts on iconic photojournalism by adding comments to the posts. And remember: Photojournalists, through the last 150 years, have played a vital role in bringing attention to political, cultural, social and economic issues around the globe. Their images frequently become part of our collective consciousness of our life and times.



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